Saturday, March 28, 2009

buffalo relocation approved

It's official, by april 1st 41 buffalo held in quarantine in corwin springs,mt will be moved to the arapahoe tribe in wyoming.
Here these 41 buffalo "will be kept in quarantine for at least 1 year inside a 1,000 acre enclosure on the boundary of the reservation." the quarantine will never end.

An opponent of relocation, brenden, the sponsor of sb 337 said that ranchers are worried about bison competing with cattle for rangeland. Finally this gets published! And in the Independent record! Helena's extremely censored newspaper.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

palin begins killing spree

Palin's psychotic attack on wolves has escalated. Palin has approved the use of poison gas and snares to kill defenseless pups in their dens!

Just this past week palin approved the alaska department of fish & game to kill 250 wolves. As of yesterday 66 wolves have been gunned down with high powered rifles in helicopters near (you're going to love this) yukon-charley rivers national preserve!

What you can do to inform the public and help stop this massacre-send defenders of wildlife an emergency donation. They will use the money to run an ad in indiana where palin is scheduled to appear in just a few weeks.

To stay informed on palin's atrocities check out

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

nonnative wildlife invasion act

Humane society international has created this act also known as hr 669. It would "require the federal government to assess the risk of nonnative wildlife species proposed for importation and,with public input decide if importation of these anumals should be allowed."

We needed this 200 years ago.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Gray Wolves Delisted (Again)

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar just approved Bush's last minute attack on gray wolves and delisted them. It should be of no surprise that Salazar grew up on a ranch in Colorado. Great! Another rancher in charge of wildlife :(
So much for wildlife protection in the Obama administration. Now, 1,000 Northern Rocky wolves will be killed.

Why did Salazar delist them? "[S]cientists have concluded that recovery has occurred." Talk about narrowmindedness. What about the states' "management plans"? The wolves have recovered, but the recovery number will not be sustained with Sara Palin like wolf management!

The only state that the gray wolf is not being delisted is WY because it doesn't have a sound management program as the Great Lakes region, MT, ID, WA, OR, and UT have. Salazar said, "I do not believe we should hold those states hostage to the inadequacy we've seen in Wyoming."

FWP agrees the wolves should be delisted in those states except WY 'because they have approved state wolf management plans and solid programs in place that will ensure the conservation of the species in the future.' WTF?! Maybe ensure that they'll be eliminated in the future. I think their idea of 'conservation' is places like wolf haven

With the delisting of the wolves it's obvious there will be no help from this administration for America's last wild buffalo either.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Montana Votes for Horse Slaughter

This isn't about wildlife, but it is about the slaughtering of animals, so I wanted to write on it.

Again with the ranchers....
The MT house of representatives endorsed a bill to allow a slaughter house to open.

Why? Ranchers complain it's too expensive to euthanize a horse and need a way to deal with all the abandoned/ill horses.
A sponsor of the bill not surprizingly is, Republican Rep. Ed Butcher who says slaughter is "a humane way to address the problem.”

What's wrong with this logic?
1) Currently all ill horses are shipped to Canada or Mexico for slaughter. How is this cheaper than euthanizing?

2) Slaughter is in NO WAY "humane". These same people who see a slaughter house as economical would never even think to dump off their 20 year old pickup into a junk yard.

The last slaughter house was closed in 2007.

Montana has NEVER been able to live with animals wild or domestic. They just want to slaughter them.