Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bison Bills Update

There have been alot of house and senate bills on bison. Here's the latest status of them.

SB 207--putting ALL bison under authority of DOL--passed the 3rd reading and has hearing 3/29/11

SB 148-- creating new group to oversee bison management with DPHHS--no vote "Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal"

HB 482--making bison "valued native wildlife in need of conservation and management"--no vote "Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal"

SB 174--prohibiting state funds to move bison onto Spotted Dog WMA--passed 13-7 and in 2nd House

SB 214--classify all wild bison as livestock--no vote "Missed Deadline for General Bill Transmittal"

SB 184 --permit "use of bows and arrows" to hunt bison--passed 18-2 and in 2nd House

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Conservationists Turn Back on Wolves

The feds decided to delist wolves in Montana and Idaho. 14 conservation groups had filed a suit to maintain Endangered Species protection for wolves. All but 4 of these groups backed down. The four who stood by the wolves are: Alliance for the Wild Rockies, Western Watersheds, Humane Society of the United States and the Friends of the Clearwater.

The 10 who agreed with USFWS and abandoned the wolves are: Cascadia Wildlands, Center for Biological Diversity, Defenders of Wildlife, Greater Yellowstone Coalition, Hells Canyon Preservation Council, Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance, Natural Resources Defense Council, Oregon Wild, Sierra Club and Wildlands Network.

The good news about the settlement is that wolves in Oregon, Washington, Utah and Wyoming are now listed endangered. 

The court case settlement can be viewed here:

Longest Walk Visits YNP Bison

The Walk Across 
Turtle Island

  BFC joins in solidarity as The Longest Walk takes a detour to pray for the buffalo and comes through Gardiner, MT.  On the left, Good Shield holds barb's ski pole, which he beautifully decorated after her passing.  This ski pole was the walking aid she always used, propping it outside the media cabin door as a sign of her there-ness.  You are always with us, barb!  BFC file photo. 

As the mid-morning Montana sun warmed the half-frozen landscape, the sound of the Yellowstone river rippled along to the sound of cars driving by the Corwin Springs capture facility.  The drivers turned to look at a group of Native and non-Native youth and elders gathering by the side of the road to pay respects to their four-legged relatives, who's wounds were still fresh from being tortured by APHIS, DOL and Yellowstone the week before.  

The group of people, known as The Longest Walkers, had been marching for just over a month from the West Coast and would eventually arrive in Washington, D.C.  Their mission and purpose is to bring awareness to the growing epidemic of diabetes, particularly in Native communities, due to the loss of traditional diet and the force-fed commodity GMO and high fructose "foods."  They had stopped at many different Native reservations along the way, including some whose people had participated in the Yellowstone buffalo hunt.  It became apparent that they had to stop in Gardiner for spiritual reasons.

Upon arriving at Corwin Springs, The Longest Walkers made tobacco offerings and prayers, and along with BFC volunteers, began their spiritual walk to Gardiner.  In just about an hour and a half, the walkers arrived at the Park entrance and were greeted by a herd of thirty buffalo.

The Walkers moved past Yellowstone's arch and straight towards a family group of buffalo, waiting there to greet them.  BFC file photo. 

As songs were sung the buffalo all stood and faced East, with one mother nodding her head along to the drum beat.  Many good words were spoken and the buffalo seemed to know why they were there.  After a closing prayer circle, the walkers headed to the Gardiner BFC camp, where a feast of wild game and good stories awaited them.  The Walkers thanked BFC for what they do and everybody was left inspired and with good hearts.  The entire day was truly an impromptu "making of relations" ceremony.  This is just the beginning.

~ Good Shield
P.S.  Please tune in to this incredible new video, A BFC Volunteer Perspective, Featuring Good Shield

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Native American Wolf Story

Here's a story I came across. It has a sad ending.
photo by John Wiles

I wanted to give something of my past to my grandson. So I took him into the woods, to a quiet spot. Seated at my feet he listened as I told him of the powers that were given to each creature. He moved not a muscle as I explained how the woods had always provided us with food, homes, comfort, and religion. He was awed when I related to him how the wolf became our guardian, and when I told him that I would sing the sacred wolf song over him, he was overjoyed. In my song, I appealed to the wolf to come and preside over us while I would perform the wolf ceremony so that the bondage between my grandson and the wolf would be lifelong. I sang.

Read the rest here:


Puppy Uniform Protection and Safety (PUPS) Act

Here is a good bill for animals:  S. 3424/H.R. 5434
In short, the bill would bring all commercial dog breeders under federal oversight. 

Please email your senators and representative today and ask them to support and cosponsor the PUPS Act!

Another item to note (this one not good) is Whoopi Goldberg's support of Michael Vick's dog fighting. On The View, she said in defense of Vick:

“from where he comes from” (in the South, dogfighting isn’t that unusual) “It’s like cockfighting in Puerto Rico. There are certain things that are indicative to certain parts of the country.”  

Express your disconcert with her statement by joining these 2 Facebook sites:
Boycott Whoopi and The View
Boycott Whoopi Goldberg and The View Until She Makes a Public Apology

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bison Guards on Highway 89

This is an update to my previous post. It appears Montana is actually going through with making habitat for bison North of Yellowstone Park.

Schweitzer has ordered bison guards to be placed south of Yankee Jim Canyon, which is North of Yellowstone National Park.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Buffalo Allowed To Roam Outside Yellowstone?

BFC File Photo 2010-2011
Yellowstone's new superintendent, Daniel Wenk along with Governor B.S. and the DOL have been having "behind the scenes discussions" about allowing buffalo outside Yellowstone.  The plan is to create a north side buffer stretching roughly 13 miles north of the park, encompassing the Gardiner Basin and ending at Yankee Jim Canyon along the Yellowstone River. Fences and other barriers would be erected to prevent the buffalo from going into Paradise Valley where cattle ranches are located. Schweitzer also proposes allowing bison 'hunting' in this Northern "buffer zone."

Regarding the current slaughter operation he heads, Governor B.S. comments,
"Why treat the bison in this way? When they cross an imaginary line — boom boom boom — shoot them like a couch," Schweitzer said. "We're attempting to enlarge the area where bison are allowed to leave the park, within the constraints of keeping them away from livestock."

In 2008 Governor B.S. bragged,
"No governor in Montana history has sent more bison to slaughter than this governor."