Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Buffalo Allowed To Roam Outside Yellowstone?

BFC File Photo 2010-2011
Yellowstone's new superintendent, Daniel Wenk along with Governor B.S. and the DOL have been having "behind the scenes discussions" about allowing buffalo outside Yellowstone.  The plan is to create a north side buffer stretching roughly 13 miles north of the park, encompassing the Gardiner Basin and ending at Yankee Jim Canyon along the Yellowstone River. Fences and other barriers would be erected to prevent the buffalo from going into Paradise Valley where cattle ranches are located. Schweitzer also proposes allowing bison 'hunting' in this Northern "buffer zone."

Regarding the current slaughter operation he heads, Governor B.S. comments,
"Why treat the bison in this way? When they cross an imaginary line — boom boom boom — shoot them like a couch," Schweitzer said. "We're attempting to enlarge the area where bison are allowed to leave the park, within the constraints of keeping them away from livestock."

In 2008 Governor B.S. bragged,
"No governor in Montana history has sent more bison to slaughter than this governor."

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