Saturday, January 24, 2009

Idaho Wants to Kill Wolves

This isn't about MT, but it shows how separate Rocky Mountain states are. Montana, Idaho & Wyoming all can't deal with the fact there is wildlife and they all have different ideas what to do with the wildlife. Take the issue with Idaho. Idaho wants to kill wolves because the wolves kill elk and deer. Across the border, Montana currently is killing elk and deer because elk carry brucellosis and supposedly there are too many deer. South, in Wyoming, they have feedlots for elk to keep them off cattle grazing land to try to prevent the spread of brucellosis to cattle.
All these states' governments are self-centered and incompetent in running their state.

Solution (outside of getting new officials in the states' governments): Send the wolves in Idaho to Montana to eat the elk and deer and get rid of the feedlots & cattle in Wyoming.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Veterinarians Oppose Yellowstone Hot-Zone

Last year there was an idea to make Yellowstone Park as an animal disease "hot-zone". Yellowstone would be listed as the last remaining region in the country where the disease brucellosis still remains. This would ease up sanctions on cattle ranchers if their herd becomes infected with the disease. Now, however state veterinarians are opposed to creating a "hot-zone". They want to see management of the disease in wildlife first.

Regarding how the disease is currently being 'managed' in bison and will be 'managed' in elk, Schweitzer commented, "We’ve been hazing bison, capturing bison, slaughtering bison — I’d say we’ve done a fair bit. Elk’s a little tougher. . . . But to simply say wildlife need to stay in the park is not a practical solution.”
Read more Agweek

So what would be Schweitzer's solution? Probably elimination of all wildlife within the state.

Better solution-- eliminate all idiots in the government beginning with Schweitzer.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Study Shows Buffalo Not A Major Threat to Cattle

I just found a really good article stating that the buffalo aren't a major threat to cattle!!! There was a study done by UC Santa Cruz (of all places CA was the one to do a study on buffalo!). It basically says what all sane people know, there has never been a transmission of brucellosis from buffalo to cattle in the wild. The only documented case of the transmission is in captivity. The article also mentions the current bison management plan and it's flaws. One being the cost, stating: "Compensating ranchers for allowing bison on their land would cost half of what the current management plan costs - $2.5 million a year according to a 2000 estimate "

Bad Week For Wildlife

Where do I begin?
I'll start with the deer in Helena.

FWP agreed to allow 150 deer to be captured and killed. The "Urban Wildlife Task Force" began this week. Read more from the Helena IR.

Next are the gray wolves.
Bush along with the Department of the Interior have created a plan to delist the gray wolf, but it will need to be approved by Obama's administration. Great Falls Tribune.

Now the elk.
FWP has begun capturing them, then testing them for antibodies of brucellosis, and slaughtering those that test positive. Bozeman Daily Chronicle

On to buffalo.
Gallatin National Forest Supervisor, Mary Erikson, gave the MT DOL a "10 year special use permit" to put a "portable" capture facility on Horse Butte! Billings Gazette

Also, FWP is considering appointing a rancher on their board of commission! The ranchers are wanting this seat under the reasoning they own much of the land where hunting takes place. HelenaIR

Whew! It's been a busy week as Bush makes his final moves before leaving office. Now, if only we could get rid of Palin....

Friday, January 16, 2009

Stupid Tourist

This isn't about mismanagement, but it's too hilarious not to post.
My mom told me her co-worker went to Yellowstone during the rut. There was a tourist who wanted a good picture of the buffalo. So, he pulled his Ford Excursion in between two bulls that were fighting. One bull rammed the front of the Excursion, parts went flying and the bumper fell off!! (Way to go buffalo!)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Deer Removal in Helena,MT

In 2007 Helena decided to trap and kill deer within city limits. Why? The deer have moved into the city. The forests are being logged and new houses built up in the highest areas possible. People are moving into the deers' home, so the deer are moving into theirs.

To deal with this influx of deer, Helena created the "Urban Wildlife Task Force" (hahaha..the name is ludicrous.) They are under the authority of Fish Wildlife & Parks. This is the 2nd year the "Task Force" has been operating. This year FWP created the Draft Environmental Assessment City of Helena Deer Reduction Program Pilot Project Phase II December 2008. Here's a snippet "Findings of the Task Force confirmed that the predominate urban wildlife problem was an overpopulation of mule deer due to the ample forage, water and general habitat condition." Wow! Look at that. The environment is suitable for deer. How many thousands $ did it take FWP to figure this one out.

Last year 50 deer were "removed". This year FWP is looking at 150.

How the deer are "removed" is by the Task Force setting traps in parks and on private land w/owners consent. The trap is hanging food. When the deer pulls on it a box trap springs up enclosing the deer, then pushes the deer down to hold them in place. Next morning the Task Force revisits the traps and puts a bullet in the deer's head. But, don't worry the meat is not wasted. It is given to Food banks and public schools for lunch. (yuck!)