Saturday, January 24, 2009

Idaho Wants to Kill Wolves

This isn't about MT, but it shows how separate Rocky Mountain states are. Montana, Idaho & Wyoming all can't deal with the fact there is wildlife and they all have different ideas what to do with the wildlife. Take the issue with Idaho. Idaho wants to kill wolves because the wolves kill elk and deer. Across the border, Montana currently is killing elk and deer because elk carry brucellosis and supposedly there are too many deer. South, in Wyoming, they have feedlots for elk to keep them off cattle grazing land to try to prevent the spread of brucellosis to cattle.
All these states' governments are self-centered and incompetent in running their state.

Solution (outside of getting new officials in the states' governments): Send the wolves in Idaho to Montana to eat the elk and deer and get rid of the feedlots & cattle in Wyoming.

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  1. Hi Eva,
    I do agree. Wolves do have a positive place in nature. They help to manage the health of Elk and Deer by culling the weak and diseased from the herds.

    It may take the Deer and Elk time to adjust fully to the wolf as a predator if wolves have been absent for some time, but the herds will be better for it.

    Healthy and strong,insuring ungulates herds for generations to come. From an article by George Wurthner, he quotes Poet Robinson Jeffers. "it is the fang that has created the fleet foot of the Antelope."

    My concerns are if you take the wolf out of the equation as a functioning predator, diseases such as chronic wasting disease may become rampant.

    And yes, hunters can play a role in management, of Elk and Deer, but hunters should be very concerned by chronic wasting disease and how and why it spreads.

    Thank you