Sunday, June 28, 2009

BLM, DOA, DOL, FWP Are the Same Thing

I was interested in what was happening to wild horses in the US, and came across an article from June 16 on a New Zealand site called Horse Talk. The entire article is about meetings the BLM and DOA have on reducing (slaughtering) the number of wild horses currently being held in facilities and those still wild. (This sounds familiar) The article says a horse welfare group obtained BLM documents under the Freedom of Information Act by The Conquistador Program.

Here are some of the document's proposals:
  • Wild horses could be rendered at the Reno Rendering plant or "disposed of in pits".
  • The possible creation of gelding herds, and sterilization of mares to create non-reproductive herds in the wild in place of natural herds.
  • Change the sex ratio from the normal 50% males and 50% females to 70% males and 30% females. Then the experimental two-year infertility drug, PZP-22, would be given to all mares that are returned to the wild. Plans call for rounding up the wild horses every two years to re-administer the drug.
The BLM also considered their facilities:
  • "Security at facilities and at gathers would need to be increased to combat eco-terrorism." (The BLM is the eco-terrorist!)

This removal is scheduled to begin in Montana this August.

Here are past numbers regarding wild horse removal.
According to the GAO:
"The number of animals removed from the range is far greater than the number adopted or sold, which has resulted in the need for increased short-term and long-term holding. Since 2001, over 74,000 animals have been removed from the range, while only about 46,400 have been adopted or sold. Thirty-six percent fewer animals were adopted in 2007 than compared to the average adoption rates in the 1990s. As of June 2008, BLM was holding 30,088 animals in holding facilities, up from 9,807 in 2001. To accommodate the increased removals and declining adoptions and sales, BLM has increased the number of short-term and long-term holding facilities."

This really shows there is NO difference between the BLM, DOA, DOL, and FWP.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

4 Buffalo Slaughtered

MT DOL and FWP are back to the B.S.--buffalo slaughter. Yesterday they hazed and captured 3 bull bison in the Duck Creek bison trap. The buffalo were grazing near the park border north of Duck Creek. This isn't allowed by the 'adaptive management' changes to the IBMP.

In addition to this, agents shot a bull bison in Gallatin National Forest on Tuesday. To add to the tragedy, FWP agent, game warden Jim Smolzynski brought his young daughter to watch. She had participated in Chief Looking Horses' prayer ceremony last May. Smolzynski's dog was also at the killing and allowed to eat some of the carcass!

To watch footage of the events click here

All this for WHAT? Control over land. Cattle in Montana is a BILLION $ industry! It's NOT about brucellosis. Currently MT officials are asking the federal gov't to declare the state's cattle free of brucellosis. In MT more than 150,000 blood tests on cattle for the disease have come up NEGATIVE.

Contact Montana Department of Livestock State Veterinarian Marty Zaluski and tell him how stupid and senseless these incidents are: / 406-444-0782


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Deer Killing Tactics

For information on the city commission meeting last night, there is an article by the HelenaIR. I'll sum up what it says. KILL the DEER! That's it.

O.K. I'll give more info.

The city commissioners, FWP (Forget Wildlife Protection), and the police dept. will continue killing deer, but are also looking at non-lethal ways including: birth control vaccines, hazing through teaching residents how to shoot deer w/paintball guns (Helena is on it's way to becoming Yellowstone. RUN!) hunting, & public education on living peacefully w/deer (yeh right :P)

This summer the city will create a new urban wildlife task force (UWTF) (I don't know what was wrong with the last 1) while collaborating with FWP to "develop a long-term programmatic environmental assessment." In short-how many deer live in the city and how many will the city be allowed to kill each year. The city is also wanting grant funding from FWP.

The city is even recruiting people to join the UWTF. GREAT! Now, get the public involved in hazing. A city Task Force is probably cheaper to run than hiring the DOL.

If you'd like to contact Montana's FWP & remind them the deer are in the city b/c the city is chopping down and building inside the forests and if you'd like to tell them how inhumane and flat out stupid they are here's the link.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Urban Deer Control Tactics

Well tonight there will be a city commission discussion on the next round of trapping and killing of deer in Helena. Since September the Urban Wildlife Task Force killed 200 bucks and does. Details of this can be found in a previous post.

There will also be discussion of creating an Urban Wildlife Task Force advisory council to make decisions on how many deer to kill each year. Currently it costs $2000 to kill a deer!!

There is a deer friendly blog that goes into more detail about this issue.
Also you can check out New West News for more info.

The city has around 40,000 people and it acts like a big city that doesn't have ANY room left!

I won't be attending the meeting because no matter what anyone says, if it isn't what the city wants you'll be ignored.

In addition to MT killing off ALL wildlife, they are currently battling a pine beetle infestation that began in 2004. Currently over 1.1million acres of trees in Northern Idaho and MT have been destroyed.

What I think of all this. The forests are being destroyed because nature is experiencing tooo much stress from all the wildlife being killed. I wouldn't be surprised if all the trees died and Montana became a wasteland.