Monday, June 8, 2009

Urban Deer Control Tactics

Well tonight there will be a city commission discussion on the next round of trapping and killing of deer in Helena. Since September the Urban Wildlife Task Force killed 200 bucks and does. Details of this can be found in a previous post.

There will also be discussion of creating an Urban Wildlife Task Force advisory council to make decisions on how many deer to kill each year. Currently it costs $2000 to kill a deer!!

There is a deer friendly blog that goes into more detail about this issue.
Also you can check out New West News for more info.

The city has around 40,000 people and it acts like a big city that doesn't have ANY room left!

I won't be attending the meeting because no matter what anyone says, if it isn't what the city wants you'll be ignored.

In addition to MT killing off ALL wildlife, they are currently battling a pine beetle infestation that began in 2004. Currently over 1.1million acres of trees in Northern Idaho and MT have been destroyed.

What I think of all this. The forests are being destroyed because nature is experiencing tooo much stress from all the wildlife being killed. I wouldn't be surprised if all the trees died and Montana became a wasteland.

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