Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Deer Killing Tactics

For information on the city commission meeting last night, there is an article by the HelenaIR. I'll sum up what it says. KILL the DEER! That's it.

O.K. I'll give more info.

The city commissioners, FWP (Forget Wildlife Protection), and the police dept. will continue killing deer, but are also looking at non-lethal ways including: birth control vaccines, hazing through teaching residents how to shoot deer w/paintball guns (Helena is on it's way to becoming Yellowstone. RUN!) hunting, & public education on living peacefully w/deer (yeh right :P)

This summer the city will create a new urban wildlife task force (UWTF) (I don't know what was wrong with the last 1) while collaborating with FWP to "develop a long-term programmatic environmental assessment." In short-how many deer live in the city and how many will the city be allowed to kill each year. The city is also wanting grant funding from FWP.

The city is even recruiting people to join the UWTF. GREAT! Now, get the public involved in hazing. A city Task Force is probably cheaper to run than hiring the DOL.

If you'd like to contact Montana's FWP & remind them the deer are in the city b/c the city is chopping down and building inside the forests and if you'd like to tell them how inhumane and flat out stupid they are here's the link.

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