Wednesday, April 13, 2011

YNP Bison Get 75,000 Acres?!

BFC file photo
An agreement was made between state and federal agencies and American Indian tribes in MT to allow bison to roam North of Yellowstone. The area includes 75,000 acres within the Gardiner Basin. Sound to good to be true? There are catches of course...

  • Bison that move beyond the newly opened habitat and head north into the Paradise Valley will continue to be shot to protect livestock 
  • "We need to get rid of 400 bison on an annual basis. Hunting is the most palatable option," Zaluski said.
  • Livestock Industry and Gov. B.S. have proposed a special hunting zone that would straddle the park's boundary, to make sure bison could be reached by hunters when mild winters allow bison to find food in park. Yellowstone Spokesman, Al Nash responded "No. Federal law prohibits hunting in Yellowstone National Park. Our job is to manage Yellowstone for the public according to federal law." (Manage it like Suzanne Lewis did? Rounding up bison and slaughtering them INSIDE Yellowstone.)
Bison fencing will be put up to keep bison in basin.

If you're in Gardiner April 14 a meeting will be held to explain the plan to the public.

Of course the option of tribes being given bison wasn't discussed. Though Ted Turner can be given some.

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