Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Idaho Set to Kill 220 Wolves

Once again the war on wolves is back. This time in Idaho. Idaho's Fish and Game Commission voted 4-3 on the hunt. (No, the 3 who voted against were not helping the wolves. They voted against it because they wanted 49% of the wolf population hunted. Not the mere 25% as was passed.) One of the dissenters, Chairman Wayne Wright declared, "Now’s the time to do the right thing. … Neither our state’s economy, our ranchers, our sportsmen or our elk herds can wait any longer.” (quote from Spokesman Review) This is a good example of how concerned with wildlife restoration Fish & Game Commissions are in the Rocky Mountain States.

I have more information about the IDFG's mismanagement of wolves on a previous post.

The wolves will be hunted in the 12 wolf "management zones. For the exact numbers to be killed in each zone, IDFG has a ittle brochure on this with hunting rules.

In 1995, 35 gray wolves were brought in from Canada in effort to restore them. The "recovery" numbers for Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming combined was 300!! Idaho wants to bring the numbers down to 520.

As always 12 environmental groups including Defenders of Wildlife are considering an injunction against the hunt, which begins in September.

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