Monday, January 19, 2009

Veterinarians Oppose Yellowstone Hot-Zone

Last year there was an idea to make Yellowstone Park as an animal disease "hot-zone". Yellowstone would be listed as the last remaining region in the country where the disease brucellosis still remains. This would ease up sanctions on cattle ranchers if their herd becomes infected with the disease. Now, however state veterinarians are opposed to creating a "hot-zone". They want to see management of the disease in wildlife first.

Regarding how the disease is currently being 'managed' in bison and will be 'managed' in elk, Schweitzer commented, "We’ve been hazing bison, capturing bison, slaughtering bison — I’d say we’ve done a fair bit. Elk’s a little tougher. . . . But to simply say wildlife need to stay in the park is not a practical solution.”
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So what would be Schweitzer's solution? Probably elimination of all wildlife within the state.

Better solution-- eliminate all idiots in the government beginning with Schweitzer.

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