Monday, May 30, 2011

Canada to Protect Wolves

The National Democratic Party has introduced a bill that seeks to amend the Wildlife Act to make it illegal to hunt wolves by placing bait.

The bill, Maple Ridge-Pitt Meadows MLA Michael Sather's Fair Chase Act, would also forbid anyone from impeding the movement of wildlife "by placing a motorized vehicle, aircraft, boat or other mechanical device between wildlife and the direction the wildlife is proceeding." (the USA needs to do this as well )

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Animal Rights Conference 2011

July 21-25th in Los Angeles, CA

  • More than 100 speakers from 60 organizations
  • Sessions on animal abuse, organizing, tactics, issues
  • Eyewitness reports on key campaigns
  • Diverse approaches to animal liberation
  • Talks by other social justice leaders
  • Awards to celebrities and activists
  • Extensive learning and networking options
  • 90 exhibits (free & open to the public)
  • 40 videos, including premieres
  • Highly discounted sleeping rooms
 Click Here for More Info.  

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

USDA 2011 Cattle Death Loss Report

Deaths from Carnivore Predation= .23% Yes. That's less than 1/4 of 1% of cows killed by predators.
The USDA's / FWS' war on predators is just a bunch of smoke.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

ID Begins Aerial Gunning Wolves This Week

Idaho is more than eager to begin their Palin style warfare on wolves. US Fish Wildlife Service will likely have the wolves delisted by Thursday or Friday.  The new Idaho Fish and Game Director, Virgil Moore, who became director March 31, 2011, will implement the states science-based plan to reduce wolf numbers in the Lolo area where elk herds have already experienced mass die offs in the severe weather.
We believe there is still enough snow on the ground that we can pursue those animals via aerial gunning and try to reduce those numbers. Moore says.
The department is scrambling to find aircraft to carry out the mission before snow melts and will seek assistance from federal wildlife agents to do the shooting. Once snow has melted, trapping will be used in the Lolo Zone. 
Scrambling to find aircraft to carry out the mission. ROFL. Those red necks are trying to be bad ass making soo much hype over wolves.

But, as all Palin aspirants believe, aerial gunning is not enough. Director Moore will also immediately issue trapping of wolves as soon as the snow melts. This fall, he will work with FWS to implement a wolf hunt.

An interesting tidbit about Moore..He was chief of fisheries for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game but in 2006 went to Oregon and became director for Oregon Fish and Wildlife. Then, 11 months later he says  for personal reasons, I’ve decided to return to Idaho.

ID F&G is an agency with a $78 million annual budget and 567 full-time employee.

This year the department is facing shrinking revenue from hunting licenses, less federal money, and a Legislature that’s been leery of fee hikes for residents. (boohoo)

Moore says he intends to seek direction from the hunters and anglers who finance much of the department through license and tag fees.

If you'd like to contact Director Moore

Sunday, May 1, 2011

US Recovers Gray Wolves to Kill Them

Severe Winter in NW=Severe Game Die-Off

A record number of big-game animals perished this winter in parts of Montana, Idaho and Wyoming from a harsh season of unusually heavy snows and sustained cold in the Northern Rockies, state wildlife managers say.
Wildlife managers estimate die-offs in the tens of thousands across thousands of square miles that span prairie in northeastern Montana, the upper Snake River basin in Idaho near Yellowstone National Park and the high country of northwestern Wyoming near the exclusive resort of Jackson.
Can't blame the wolves for low game numbers this year.

WY Fish & Game Wants to Delist Wolves, Grizzlies

The argument that grizzlies can’t survive with fluctuations in the whitebark pine crop is a “red herring,” he said. “We don’t believe that argument has any content to it.-- Wyoming Game and Fish Department Director Scott Talbott
Just like with the wolves, a federal judge ruled that "adequate regulatory mechanisms aren’t in place" to protect grizzlies.

Also, within the next few weeks members of the governor’s policy staff will meet with key stakeholders about moving the wolves over to state management.

Talbott makes $137,249 a year! That's US government. You can't be too smart to be rich.

Good news. If you'd like to contact Scott regarding anything he says one of his short-term goals is to "improve our image and relationships with all our constituents whether those be private land owners, conservation groups..."

Listen to an interview where he describes all his goals here

Give him your thoughts on delisting aka eliminating wolves and grizzlies.

Scott Talbott
Director WY Game and Fish
(307) 777-4501