Sunday, May 1, 2011

WY Fish & Game Wants to Delist Wolves, Grizzlies

The argument that grizzlies can’t survive with fluctuations in the whitebark pine crop is a “red herring,” he said. “We don’t believe that argument has any content to it.-- Wyoming Game and Fish Department Director Scott Talbott
Just like with the wolves, a federal judge ruled that "adequate regulatory mechanisms aren’t in place" to protect grizzlies.

Also, within the next few weeks members of the governor’s policy staff will meet with key stakeholders about moving the wolves over to state management.

Talbott makes $137,249 a year! That's US government. You can't be too smart to be rich.

Good news. If you'd like to contact Scott regarding anything he says one of his short-term goals is to "improve our image and relationships with all our constituents whether those be private land owners, conservation groups..."

Listen to an interview where he describes all his goals here

Give him your thoughts on delisting aka eliminating wolves and grizzlies.

Scott Talbott
Director WY Game and Fish
(307) 777-4501

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