Saturday, April 30, 2011

Russia to Send Wolves to Sweden

Russia has too many wolves in some areas according to them. Sweden wants to increase genetic diversity of wolves. They say this after issuing a wolf hunt in January. Why the change?

Swedish Wolf
The European environment commissioner, Janez Potocnik, claims the hunt violates an EU directive that protects endangered species..

Wolves are an endangered species in the EU? At least someone is doing the right thing.
With increasing the wolf population in Sweden it'd be interesting to see how demographics and geography compare to that of the Northwest states in the US.

Let's look at human population, land size & wolf populations. US wolf numbers from MT FWP
  • Sweden
    • 9 million people
    • 158,663 sq mi
    • currently 200 wolves soon to be 1,000
  • Montana 
    •  989,000
    • 45,388 sq mi
    • 524 wolves in 2009
  • Wyoming 
    •  563,000
    • 96,989 sq mi. 
    • 843 wolves in 2009
  • Idaho 
    • 1.5 million
    • 82,412 sq mi.
    • 320 wolves in 2009
Total land size in NW  
224, 789 sq mi.

Total human population in NW  

Total wolf population in NW 
1, 687

Looking at the math

The NW has almost 1.5 times as much land as Sweden and a population of just 3 million.

The NW has more land and not much more wolves than Sweden wants to gain. If Sweden is increasing their wolf population with less land and 3 times as many people than the Northwest states, then why can't US handle their current wolf population?

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