Friday, April 8, 2011

Tell Gov. B.S. to VETO BILLS!

There are currently 2 bills waiting for Governor B.S. signature.

HB 318 ALL wild bison, even if the bison are certified brucellosis free by state veterinarian, must have approval of county commission before the bison can be allowed into county. This bill also gives lethal and non-lethal actions allowed when wild buffalo or bison from a herd that is infected with a dangerous disease enters the state of Montana on public or private land...

SB 212
Wild buffalo or bison as species in need of management -- policy -- department duties. (1) The legislature finds that significant potential exists for the spread of contagious disease to persons or livestock in Montana and for damage to persons and property by wild buffalo or bison. It is the purpose of this section:
     (a)  to designate publicly owned wild buffalo or bison originating from Yellowstone national park as a species requiring disease control;
     (b)  to designate other wild buffalo or bison as a species in need of management; and
     (c)  to set out specific duties for the department for management of the species.
     (2)  The department:
     (a)  is responsible for the management, including but not limited to public hunting, of wild buffalo or bison in this state that have not been exposed to or infected with a dangerous or contagious disease but may threaten persons or property;

Please tell Governor B.S. to VETO these bills!
Here is a pre-written letter by Greater Yellowstone Coalition

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