Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Structure in Nature

Photo by: Gifford Pinchot Task Force
The structure of a wolf pack creates and maintains order, sustaining the pack. Clear division of rank allows for clear efficiency in sustaining the group--alpha is the decision maker, beta is the hunter and cares for pups, and the omega is the stress diffuser. Just like the structure of the Unified Field interacting with itself through numerous laws of nature in perfect orderliness. On the surface, the physical reality, things can be out of balance, but they can also be brought back into balance through the knowledge of the Unified Field and using technologies that operate from that level i.e. indigenous ceremonies.

For example, right here in Yellowstone in 2008, Arvol Looking Horse performed the "Releasing of the Spirits" ceremony for all the slaughtered buffalo. Also, helping with the ceremony was Rosalie Little Thunder.
Rosalie says that in Lakota tradition, when buffalo die, we must honor them with songs so they can come back again. When the Park Service and DOL kill them so disrespectfully, they sing no songs and the buffalo's spirits can't be let go. So the Ceremony was necessary to help the buffalo move on. Songs were given to the buffalo. They will come back.

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