Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Control Wildlife for Brucellosis

There's a new anti-wildlife bill that's pretty vague. The bill SB237 establishes the Department of  Fish & Wildlife as puppets for livestock managing wildlife to protect the holier than thou cattle in Montana. The bill was given to Governor B.S. on April 11th and is awaiting his signature. He has 10 days to sign it.

Some text of the bill:
(2) If the source of brucellosis transmission resulting in an order or regulation promulgated under subsection (1) is:
     (a) wild buffalo or bison, the administrator shall enforce the provisions of 81-2-120 in a manner that ensures that the risk of additional transmission from wild buffalo or bison to livestock is eliminated or minimized as much as possible; or
     (b) from any other species of wildlife, the administrator shall, in coordination with the department of fish, wildlife, and parks, develop brucellosis surveillance and prevalence reduction procedures for the wildlife species identified as the source of transmission within the area affected.
     (3) The department shall pay testing costs for the surveillance of livestock pursuant to subsection (1).
What is "ensures that the risk....is eliminated or minimized...?" and what on earth are "prevalence reduction procedures?"

That leaves it wide open to all out slaughter of wild bison, which is a common occurrence in Montana (unfortunately for the bison, ecology, and those that like bison.)

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