Friday, April 29, 2011

Yellowstone Becoming Green?

This month Yellowstone has been bragging about their new eco-sustainable buildings that they claim go beyond LEED certification.  The certification they use in Yellowstone is Greater Yellowstone Framework for Sustainable Development. 

Now, the park is boasting of their new partnership with Universal Textile Technologies. This company states they will purchase the recyclable plastic bottles Yellowstone collects each year and convert them into a non-woven, fleece material used to manufacture BioCel™ and EnviroCel™ highperformance backing for carpet and synthetic turf.

I think this is great, but it's all for show. Yellowstone just wants to attract more tourist$ and keep up their reputation as an eco-tour destination.

All this hype, but the park service takes part in the extermination of America's Last, Genetically Pure, Wild Bison.

The images to the right show the American bison as simply an icon. The one above is simply a mascot while below it is out of memory. You notice in the NPS badge there is only one bison, yet bison are herd animals. So, why only one bison when there are lots of trees? To depict what the park's goal is? Eliminate bison, til only a few remain. It can also show the short-sightedness of the park service. They can't handle large concepts, so, they place just one bison on their badge.

What can you do? You can thank Yellowstone for their movement toward going green and remind them of the eco-sustainability bison offer to restoring native plains.

Yellowstone National Park Superintendent
Dan Wenk

Director of the National Park Service
Jon Jarvis

Sign a petition asking the National Park Service to set free the 400+ bison they currently have in a capture facility INSIDE Yellowstone

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