Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trip to Yellowstone

I'm heading down to YNP on Earth Day weekend. Found out that Yellowstone is having Earth Day events.

Here's a list of events I came up with for the park:
  • Preserve the environment through trapping.
  • Help a poor hunter find his manhood, through killing elk, wolves, buffalo.. anything that can't shoot back.
  • Learn about buffalo-aka a species in need of disease management- Stephen's Creek Trap tour
  • Save a cow-Kill a wolf
  • Save a cow-Kill a buffalo
  • Save a cow-Kill anything with teeth
  • Preservation of the park through cattle grazing
  • Learn how to rape wildlife-Demonstrations by APHIS (watch introductory video)
  • Run with the buffalo with Montana's Department of Livestock-NO Sanity Allowed
  • Learn to hunt with bow & arrow from the cab of your pick-up
  • Spear hunting-No experience necessary

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