Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Montana Votes for Horse Slaughter

This isn't about wildlife, but it is about the slaughtering of animals, so I wanted to write on it.

Again with the ranchers....
The MT house of representatives endorsed a bill to allow a slaughter house to open.

Why? Ranchers complain it's too expensive to euthanize a horse and need a way to deal with all the abandoned/ill horses.
A sponsor of the bill not surprizingly is, Republican Rep. Ed Butcher who says slaughter is "a humane way to address the problem.”

What's wrong with this logic?
1) Currently all ill horses are shipped to Canada or Mexico for slaughter. How is this cheaper than euthanizing?

2) Slaughter is in NO WAY "humane". These same people who see a slaughter house as economical would never even think to dump off their 20 year old pickup into a junk yard.

The last slaughter house was closed in 2007.

Montana has NEVER been able to live with animals wild or domestic. They just want to slaughter them.


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  1. Oh... this is horrible news! I thought they had put this problem away - If only we would just stop breeding these horses there wouldn't be the horrible issue of what to do with them. And of course they'll still continue breeding them because there's money to be made in their flesh and hides. So awful what we do to (all) animals.