Thursday, June 18, 2009

4 Buffalo Slaughtered

MT DOL and FWP are back to the B.S.--buffalo slaughter. Yesterday they hazed and captured 3 bull bison in the Duck Creek bison trap. The buffalo were grazing near the park border north of Duck Creek. This isn't allowed by the 'adaptive management' changes to the IBMP.

In addition to this, agents shot a bull bison in Gallatin National Forest on Tuesday. To add to the tragedy, FWP agent, game warden Jim Smolzynski brought his young daughter to watch. She had participated in Chief Looking Horses' prayer ceremony last May. Smolzynski's dog was also at the killing and allowed to eat some of the carcass!

To watch footage of the events click here

All this for WHAT? Control over land. Cattle in Montana is a BILLION $ industry! It's NOT about brucellosis. Currently MT officials are asking the federal gov't to declare the state's cattle free of brucellosis. In MT more than 150,000 blood tests on cattle for the disease have come up NEGATIVE.

Contact Montana Department of Livestock State Veterinarian Marty Zaluski and tell him how stupid and senseless these incidents are: / 406-444-0782


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