Friday, May 29, 2009

Buffalo Hazing Is Intense

Currently $3.3 million in YOUR federal tax dollars EVERY YEAR are being spent on this...
Photo by BFC volunteer Lake.

Photo by Lance Koudele.
DOL helicopter N1095T

BFC Update from May 28th (below in quotes)

"Park rangers have been hazing bison to Cougar Knoll, then pushing bison off of Cougar Knoll (seven miles from the boundary into the Park's interior) towards Seven-Mile Bridge and then on to Madison Junction and further to Fountain Flats, which is near Old Faithful. The Park/DOL (same thing anymore!) claims they are doing this to clear more western areas for bison being hazed from Gallatin National Forest (Horse Butte, etc). Patrols yesterday followed the haze in the Park for 12 miles along park roads and got some intense footage; other patrols followed the haze from the boundary to Cougar Knolls and documented the DOL helicopter flying very low to the ground within Yellowstone, nearly 20 feet, sometimes seemingly less. More is happening today. "

These buffalo calves were hazed May 27th inside Yellowstone & are struggling to make it across the Madison River's strong spring currents. Some barely made it. Photo by BFC volunteer Lake.

Buffalo are being run for miles without rest, water, or time to nurse.
They're chased across swollen rivers, through thick mud flats, fallen timber, paved roads, and dusty trails. The DOL denies knowing whether they are causing injuries. (What a surprise)

How you can help:

Ground the DOL's Helicopters. Contact the FAA
The helicopters' numbers are: N7770X and N1095T. The co-pilot is DOL agent Rob Tierney.

FAA Hotline:

Contact FAA Investigator Paul Hurlbert at or call 406-449-5270

Call Suzanne Lewis & tell her to STOP this insanity 307-344-2002.

Contact Congress:

Contact Obama:

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