Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hazing Begins

I haven't written in so long due to being sick. But, now I'm up and going again unfortunately to some sad news.

This week has been intense for the migrating buffalo. Agents have surrounded the North, South and West boundaries. In the North it's the DOL and NPS. In the West it's DOL. Here the buffalo had stepped onto the Koelzer family's land where the Koelzer's have bowed to the DOL by allowing the Duck Creek bison trap on their property!

Now for the worst of the hazing. Along the south side of the Madison River the DOL, NPS, FWP, USFS, and Gallatin County law enforcement, have been using snowmobiles, trucks, ATVs, and a helicopter. In this area only 30 buffalo are allowed! BFC has footage of the buffalo including pregnant ones being run through barbwire fences and deep snow. From here they lost them in the forest, but the DOL brought out their helicopter to continue the pursuit. Not only are the buffalo in the forest, but it's also home to sand hill cranes, bald and golden eagles, foxes, badgers, and grizzlies. I'd like to see ALL the activist groups for all these animals file a lawsuit against the DOL:-))

Good news. No buffalo have been killed.

Check out the footage here:

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