Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Intelligent Vet says Bison are Brucellosis Free!

Montana has more plans for YNP buffalo who are in quarantine. In addition to sending 74 to Ted Turner to make him wealthier than he already is, the state is considering moving 14 bison to Wyoming’s Guernsey State Park. Another plan is to go back to the ol' fashioned way of doing things and just slaughter them. All at taxpayer's expense of course.

At a forum with ranchers and farmers a state vet, Jim Logan, said very supportive comments for the buffalo, "The bison have been tested enough that it is crystal clear that they are not infected. More than likely they have resistance factors in their systems, wherever they go, they are going to go there as a clean herd." (FINALLY someone with intelligence.)

Here's the draft proposal from FWP on moving the buffalo.

Send your comments to tell FWP NOT to ship out these buffalo and to base their decisions on science rather than greed.

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