Wednesday, July 15, 2009

History of Trout Relocation

All over the news you hear about climate change and how destroyed the planet is. In this country this destruction began a few hundred years ago with the narrow mindedness of European settlers.
Just one of the many idiotic things they did I saw on a PBS show about trout.

In 1805 when people migrated West, they over fished cutthroat. Then, in 1870 congress set up an organization to repopulate rivers and streams with non-native fish (just like the settlers coming to this continent) To repopulate the waters they filled rail cars with containers of rainbow trout and brown trout. Then dumped them in the areas the settlers over fished.

One of the effects of this irresponsible relocation is in the Columbia Basin. Here the settlers dumped the rainbow trout in with the remaining cutthroat. These 2 species are almost genetically identical. So now the Basin is full of hybridized trout.

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