Thursday, July 9, 2009

Montana is Brucellosis Free

Today, APHIS changed MT's status to "Class Free". There hasn't been a single case of brucellosis in cattle in the state since May 2008. Now, in order for MT to keep its status is for cattle to remain brucellosis free for 12 months. Why then have the buffalo continued to be hazed and slaughtered?

Call with your comments to the director of APHIS Wildlife Services (WS) John Steuber 406-657-6464.

Currently MT has devoted 60 million acres for ranch and farms, yet there are less than 1 million people in the state!!

Some interesting facts I found on Montana WS State Report from 2008:

"All Montana livestock producers contribute funding to support WS’ livestock protection efforts through a State per capita tax."

"The MDL has given WS full authority to administer the Department’s aerial operations [now MT is copying Alaska] as a tool to protect livestock from predators such as coyotes and red foxes. In addition, the MTFWP has authorized WS to conduct wildlife damage management activities to protect agricultural resources in the state from big game species such as black bears
and mountain lions."

One thing interesting in this report there is NO mention of buffalo.

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