Friday, December 30, 2011

BFC Honored as "Small Green Group That Makes a Big Difference"

Buffalo Field Campaign is proud to be named one of "Ten Small Green Groups That Make a Big Difference" in a recent CounterPunch article written by Jeffrey St. Clair. 

The article features ten grassroots groups who "stand up for what they stand on, who put protection of the environment before politics. They all operate close to the bone, their meager budgets are spent on activism and litigation, not on self-promoting direct mail operations, glitzy offices or bloated administrative expenses. These groups will put your money to work defending the planet."

On BFC and the crisis facing wild North American bison St. Clair says "Since 1985, the federal government, working in concert with Montana cattle barons, has killed more than 6,800 bison that have migrated out of Yellowstone National Park.  The slaughter is rationalized on the specious grounds of preventing the spread of brucellosis from bison to local cows. Buffalo Field Campaign has exposed this dreadful bloodbath as a political hoax. Their volunteers courageously place themselves between the bison and their would-be killers. They spend all day, from sunrise until sunset, watching and documenting actions taken against the buffalo. They run patrols from cars, skis and snowshoes to protect buffalo outside the park. Their tactics range from video documentation to nonviolent civil disobedience."

Looking ahead to 2012 and the struggles we know await us there, we are honored to have earned such praises. More importantly, we are honored and indebted to each of you for sharing the bison's story with your friends, families, and co-workers; for picking up the phone and firing up your computers time and time again to take action for the buffalo; for putting your lives on hold to join us in the field to patrol the Yellowstone boundary; and for making Buffalo Field Campaign's every action possible through your financial contributions and steadfast support.

If you have made a recent donation we thank you. If not, please consider contributing any amount within your means. We will put your contribution to good use funding Buffalo Field Campaign frontlines field patrols and defending the buffalo in the courts and in the policy arena.  Please click one of these buttons or send a check to the address below.  Buffalo Field Campaign could not exist without you.

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