Monday, February 6, 2012

Yellowstone Says It Will Slaughter Bison!

BFC photo

Yellowstone National Park is back to enjoying another blood bath within the next week or 2.
The last big slaughter was winter 2007-2008 in which the park gladly helped kill 1,631. Due however to public outcry the park decided killing bison in the park and around the park wasn't good for PR, so Yellowstone quit.

Now, however park officials say, keeping bison numbers under control is key to increasing public tolerance for the animals. read more

The current number of bison as of last summer is estimated to be 3,700 according to YNP. In 2010 the population was estimated to be 3,900.

Please contact YNP Superintendent Dan Wenk or call him 307-344-2003
and tell him NO SLAUGHTER!

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