Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quarentined Buffalo EA

February 13th, FWP created an environmental assessment on translocating 41 buffalo who are in quarantine in Gardiner, MT to the Araphaho tribe in WY. These buffalo have been in quarantine since 2005 and have been tested as seronegative for brucellosis.

This is in complete opposition to SB 337 which says FWP is NOT allowed to relocate any buffalo who are in quarantine. So, surprizingly the supporting agencies are: USDA, APHIS, and Veterinary Services. Even more, these agencies see " [The buffalo's] release into the natural environment as brucellosis-free animals will serve an important conservation goal." !!!

Why quarentine? As stated in the EA, "to provide disease-free bison for conservation purposes." (yeh right) by "supplement[ing] genetic variation in existing bison herds or establish new herds on the American great plains where appropriate." (the buffalo shouldn't have been killed off in the first place.)

Download the Environmental Assessment

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