Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brucellosis & Wolves SF 87

Now the livestock industry is again going after the wolves, but this time they're using the notorious brucellosis argument that has already cost the lives of over 1600 buffalo and just recently 300 elk in the Madison Valley.

So, what has happened with the wolves?
A new bill is in the legislature, SF 87 (Scientifically Flawed 87). It would give $45,000 for the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission "to collect and test blood and tissue samples to determine the prevalence of the infectious disease in wolves." So far, its cleared the senate and 2 house committees and is now in the Wyoming House.

This is interesting because currently wildlife biologists said wolves in Wyoming, Yellowstone National Park and Montana have tested negative!! They did blood sampling of 16 just last summer.

Still again, Terry Kreeger, supervisor of the veterinary services branch for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department said, "Given what we know today, we would consider wolves a dead-end host for bacteria, i.e., they become infected but they are not capable of transmitting it to other animals, even other wolves."

Regarding the elk.
"In the Madison Valley more than 300 elk have been killed in a "special hunt" to scare the great herds off of their winter range where cattle ranches have invaded." This is from BFC's blog.

AP about the wolves

Download SF 87

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