Thursday, February 12, 2009

SB 337 (Slaughter Bill 337)

So, a new bill aimed at eradicating America's last wild buffalo will have a hearing on Tuesday February 17th. The bill is the flip of HB 253 which was to give FWP management of the buffalo. SB (Slaughter Bill) 337 will do just the opposite and actually increase the number of buffalo sent to slaughter. Not only the ones who test positive for antibodies or the disease brucellosis, but those who have tested negative to both. [FWP] shall cooperate with the [DOL] in managing publicly owned wild bison or buffalo..The department [Fish, Wildlife and Parks] may not relocate wild buffalo or bison as a result of the state-federal bison quarantine feasibility study. If they're not relocated, they're slaughtered.

The Yellowstone buffalo are still called a species requiring disease control. Here's something interesting the bill says it will also designate other wild buffalo or bison as a species in need of management.

The department [FWP] is responsible for the management, including but not limited to public hunting, of wild buffalo or bison in this state that have not been exposed to or infected with a dangerous or contagious disease but may threaten persons or property.

There's ALOT of stuff in that sentence. I want to break it down.
that have not been exposed or infected This is key to allowing healthy, strong buffalo to be slaughtered.
a dangerous or contagious disease What are these?? This could be more than brucellosis. It looks like the legislature wants to make sure they don't miss anything.
may threaten persons or property--Only while being hazed.

Download SB337

You can help the buffalo by writing to President Barak Obama to take action and protect these magnificent animals. BFC has a sample letter that you can edit here

For the buffalo.

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