Monday, February 7, 2011

Elk Now Targeted for Brucellosis

On Sunday FWP began helicopter netting cow elk north of the Blacktail Wildlife Management Area in the upper Ruby Valley. FWP is checking elk for brucellosis and whether infected cows abort their calves. FWP will also gather data on how far the Ruby herd migrates throughout the year. 

The elk will not be drugged, instead, restrained with a crew and given an instant card test for brucellosis. Any elk found to carry the disease will get a vaginal implant to monitor their pregnancy and be collared to track its movements.

The study will go on for, as specific as FWP is known to be, "several years" according to Kelly Proffitt, FWP wildlife biologist.

First the buffalo. Now the elk. I wonder how many taxpayers' $$$ are being used for the elk studies.

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