Saturday, February 19, 2011

Where Buffalo Can Never Roam

Earlier this week Gov. B.S. declared and executive order prohibiting "importation of Yellowstone bison into areas of Montana that are outside of the designated surveillance area as designated by the Department of Livestock through administrative rule for a period of 90 days. "

No coincidence that a few days later SB 144 passed 31-19. The sponsor of the bill, Senator John Brendon, is receiving over $33,000/year in farm subsidies.

Here's some of what SB 144 says:
Section 1
  "87-1-216.  Wild buffalo or bison as species in need of management -- policy -- department duties. (1) The legislature finds that significant potential exists for the spread of contagious disease to persons or livestock in Montana and for damage to persons and property by wild buffalo or bison. It is the purpose of this section:

     (a)  to designate publicly owned wild buffalo or bison originating from Yellowstone national park as a species requiring disease control;
     (b)  to designate other wild buffalo or bison as a species in need of management;
(5) The department may not:
     (a) relocate wild buffalo or bison within the state unless the wild buffalo or bison are relocated to the national bison range at Moiese; or
     (b) allow or authorize any person to allow bison to roam free anywhere in this state.

What's wrong with putting America's Last Genetically Pure Bison on the National Bison Range?
Only that the Bison Range is Beefalo. Putting YNP bison here would be an end to their pure genetics.

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