Thursday, February 17, 2011

HB482-Recognize Bison As Native Wildlife

Help restore wild buffalo as valued native wildlife in Montana.

The Greater Yellowstone Region is home to America’s largest, genetically pure and truly wild buffalo herd. Buffalo symbolize the natural and cultural heritage of Yellowstone country and the West. It is time Montana properly manage wild buffalo as valued, native wildlife. Join us in making a commitment to restoring and conserving wild buffalo in Montana while respecting and protecting private property rights. Montana Buffalo: Landowners, businesses, hunters, outfitters, tribal members and other local conservationists are working with the Montana legislature to end years of wasteful and divisive wild buffalo slaughter.

HB 482 -
The Montana Wild Buffalo Conservation and Management Act is a bi-partisan effort
which respects and protects private property rights. The Act establishes a
foundation upon which creative solutions and a new commitment to wild buffalo
in Montana can be built. It will:

1) Recognize buffalo as “valued, native wildlife in the state of Montana.”

2) Restore Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks as the primary agency
responsible for wild bison management including fair chase, public hunting.

3) Ensure private property rights and livestock are protected, by
maintaining cooperation with the Department of Livestock at MCA 81-2-121.

4) Repeal current law which allows the government to enter private
property without landowner permission (MCA 81-2-120).

How can you help? Montana landowners, hunters, outfitters, conservationists, tribes
and other local community members are coming together to ensure our elected officials
know we want private property rights protected and wild buffalo respected as valued
native Montana wildlife.

Please let your local legislators know you support HB 482 the
Montana Wild Buffalo Conservation and Management Act by calling 444-4800 today.

For More Information Contact:

Glenn Hockett, Gallatin Wildlife Association, Bozeman,  586-1729.
Jim “JB” Klyap, Dome Mountain Ranch, Emigrant, 333-4361
Bonnie Lynn, Yellowstone Park Riverfront Cabins, Gardiner, 570-4500
Karrie Taggart, Horse Butte Neighbors of Buffalo, West Yellowstone, 646-5140

Review a copy of the proposal at:

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