Saturday, February 19, 2011

Interstate Compact to "Manage" Wolves Approved

On February 17, 2011 I took some notes on the idiotic FWP committee meeting for HB 554, which creates an 'Interstate Wolf Management Compact' as Lee Randall, the sponsor calls it. This bill has already passed the house 12-8.
A snippet from the bill states:
The party states have enacted or anticipate enacting laws that make it a crime in their states for anyone to interfere with their enjoyment of the rights and freedoms guaranteed by current wolf management laws. 
 (It is one's right to enjoy the kill, much like Sara Palin.)

What is this Interstate Wolf Management Compact?
It is an agreement between Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and later Arizona that they will each, separately "manage" wolves according to their own state wolf "management" program.
Lee stated during the meeting that the "intent of the compact provides congruency, so we don't have ups and downs if they are endangered or if they're not."

A Committe member, Kelly Flynn, asked Lee what the advantage was of having a compact.
Lee replied, it is setting up an agreement with states that we will manage wolves independently.
Mike Miller, asked if this compact overrides federal law.
(Here's where Lee shows off his intellligence.)

Lee stated that their are court cases that back this up. What the compact authorizes would be federal law.
Miller corrected Lee reminding him that the compact does NOT override federal law, but is on the same level.

Then there was one man, involved with the Tea Party who spoke in favor of the bill. He said we "need to make sure the commerce clause isn't being thrown at us preventing us from working with our neighbors."

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